Phoenix Of Ukraine” Charitable Foundation: We Will Defeat The Russian Invaders And Rebuild Our Country Together!

Ukraine will be reborn from the fire

Created to help victims of the Russian invasion. It was created by activists who are constantly at the center of events and are already helping those who need it!

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On February 24, 2022, at 5 o'clock in the morning, Russia brought war to every Ukrainian family. By its illegal actions against our Motherland, the aggressor country entails not only the destruction of the military infrastructure, but also ruthless bombing and rocket attacks on towns and villages, hospitals and orphanages. All these crimes have led to the death of civilians, including children !!!

People have to spend a lot of time in bomb shelters and basements, and even have children there. Each of your contributions helps Ukraine move closer to peace and return to normal quiet life.

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“Phoenix Of Ukraine” charitable organization was created by a group of activists who are not used to sitting back. A terrible disaster has come to Ukraine in the form of the Russian occupiers, who bring grief, the pain of loss, and suffering to peaceful Ukrainians.

The activists’ position is to hope in God but to act now. Do everything possible to bring the victory of the Ukrainian Armed Forces closer and to improve the situation of Ukrainian citizens affected by Russian aggression.

“Phoenix Of Ukraine” Charitable Foundation: What Our Volunteers Do

Today, the volunteers of the charity fund do a lot for the Ukrainian brothers, namely:

  • provide medicines, food, hygiene products, and necessities;
  • engaged in the supply of medicines and equipment for hospitals;
  • help with the purchase of medical equipment.

There are still many tasks ahead to rebuild the villages, towns, and cities destroyed by the aggressor, but help is needed today - for all those left without a roof over their heads and livelihoods.

Another, no less necessary task is the assistance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Valiant defenders are hope and support for every Ukrainian, but soldiers also need help. The heroism, which, no doubt, is possessed by everyone who took up arms to defend the Motherland, is not enough to defeat the enemy. We also need material things, such as necessities, military equipment, and much more.

Providing the Ukrainian army with everything it needs is one of the main goals of the “Phoenix Of Ukraine” charity. We are strong together! The military is fighting on the front lines, and activists and volunteers are carrying out a critical mission on the home front.

The Website Of The Charitable Foundation In Ukraine Is A Reliable Source Of Assistance To Ukrainians

The website of the “Phoenix Of Ukraine” Charitable Foundation is a reliable means of communication with people who are willing and ready to help the Ukrainians in the fight against the Russian invasion and communicate with those who have suffered from the actions of the aggressor country.

Anyone wishing to help can contribute to the common cause of combating illegal actions of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces and civilians. And anyone who needs help can report it to activists who will do everything possible to improve the situation of affected Ukrainians.

“Phoenix Of Ukraine” Charitable Organization: Our Common Ideas And Goals That Will Lead To The Prosperity Of The Motherland

“Phoenix Of Ukraine" is a charitable organization, a charitable fund created by strong-willed people who believe in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and our country. Ukraine first! It is the key slogan of the team of activists who, despite everything, believe in Ukraine’s victory over the Russian occupier. God and truth are with us, so the success of the Ukrainian people is inevitable.

However, on the way to this victory, we have to go through many trials. A lot depends on the unity of the Ukrainian people, the ability to support each other and be helpful to the Motherland at this challenging time. The ability to persist, understand the daily needs of people at the epicenter of hostilities, and provide whatever is necessary is an important task that brings victory closer and saves the lives of thousands of military and civilian Ukrainians.

Charitable foundation is the activity of Ukrainian volunteers who help people in need, working for the common good. We provide assistance exactly where it is needed and essential. This is excellent support for the army, a great thing to save the lives and health of peaceful Ukrainians.

Together we will be able to provide worthy assistance to the army and bring the long-awaited victory closer!

Ukraine will be reborn from the fire

Created to help victims of the Russian invasion.
Created by activists who are constantly at the center of events
and are already helping those in need!